Suga on Top - About UsAbout Us

What is Suga' on Top? Suga' on Top body products are the creative passion of owners Iris Edwards and Kelly Riddick-Briggs. Both are delighted to present to you a menu of decadent sugar scrubs named after scrumptious desserts and savory drinks. Suga' on Top was founded to create naturally infused body products at an economical price without compromising quality. Suga' on Top products are made fresh using only the finest ingredients and no parabens. Our products will leave you with a sweet experience that will satisfy the most sophisticated skin. Suga' on Top offers a complete line of exfoliates, glazes, body frostings, shower gels and fragranced body spritz that will leave your thirsty skin refreshed and rejuvenated. Go ahead and indulge!!

Our Mission

We are striving to be known for the best quality body products affordably priced. We want each and every customer to have an outstanding and memorable “Suga” experience without having to break the bank. We are in business to educate our customers about natural skin care regimes, while providing products that will allow you to turn your bathroom into a spa like experience. We take pride in everything we do and stamp it with a little Suga' on Top.